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Governor Baker has lifted all COVID related restrictions across the state. This allows us to open the masjid at full capacity inshaAllah. We ask that you still refrain from coming to the center if you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms or have been in close contact with someone with the virus. As per the state, non-vaccinated individuals are advised to continue wearing face masks and to continue distancing in most settings. We thank you so much for all of the care you have taken to this point in keeping your fellow community members safe, and for your patience as we have worked through providing our programming under restrictions. Please note that we will continue to have two Jummah prayers each Friday due to overall numbers required and limited parking. We do ask you to attend the second Jummah if you are flexible for time.

NOW HIRING: Full Time Imam

The Andover Islamic Center, established in 2019 with plans of expansion, is seeking a full-time Imam to help drive the growth and build community while guiding the spiritual path of the congregation. This candidate needs an outstanding foundation in deen, youth development and interest/expertise in community development. Andover, MA is a historic town 20 miles north of Boston home to a large community of Muslim families, many of whom have young children.

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Interested candidates, please send your resume to

Andover Islamic Center


Sunday School at AIC

Sunday School registration and Open House is on September 12th between 9:30am and 12:30pm. In person Classes begins on September 19th. In addition, we continue to provide the in-person Hifz and Tajweed programs with Imam on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

For more information please contact, Imam at 978-482-7009 or Email:


Iqama Times
Start - End

Prayer Iqama Time
Jumuah 1:00 PM

2021 Prayer Times for Andover, MA

Mission Statement

To encourage community muslims especially youths to learn their religion and participate in the neighborhood they live in by sharing, exchanging and building a harmonious and safe living environment.


  • Facilitate local muslim community to offer five compulsory prayers in congregation.
  • Provide religious activities like teaching to read Quran, fundamentals of Islam, how to be a good muslim and citizen.
  • Provide community outreach to all area residents regardless of their belief.
  • Play its part in the community it exist in to fight hunger and homelessness.


Community Service

Program Calendar

Sunday School

This year we have decided to cancel it’s Sunday School program due to a very small number of registrations received. We plan to re-evaluate the opening after the new year. InshAllah, we will continue the in-person Hifz and Tajweed programs with Imam on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will continue to explore ways to keep our community specially the youth engaged in different ways.

For more information please contact, Imam at 978-482-7009 or Email:


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Imam Umar Hashim Ahmad is born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. His parents are both US citizens who reverted to Islam. Imam Umar got raised in Karachi and finished his Hifz-ul-Quran at the age of 11. Later, he finished his Masters in Islamic studies from Jamia Binnoria, Karachi. After finishing his studies, Imam Umar moved back to United States and eventually started his own transportation business in California. While taking care of his business, Imam Umar continued to participate in religious activities and led Taraweeh every Ramadan at the Faith Unity in Bensalem, Philadelphia. His love and passion for Islam made him become the full time Imam in Andover Islamic Center in March 2019.

At AIC, Imam Umar is conducting 5 daily congregational prayers, Kids Quran/Hifz classes, Tuesday Seerah classes, Friday Halaqas, Saturday Tajweed classes, Youth programs and other activities. Imam's lectures are also available in AIC's Live YouTube channel.

Imam's Office Hours

Wednesday & Saturday: 1:30PM - 3:30PM (Please RSVP by contacting Imam)

Imam's Contact Information
Phone: (978) 482-7009

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204 Andover St, Suite 201
Andover, MA 01810
Phone: (978) 482-7009


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